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Welcome to ZeekRewards

The Daily Profit Sharing Rewards Program!

The Zeek Rewards Program is where you share in the company's profits daily.Welcome to the most fun you will ever have while earning money online!

Welcome to! invites you to experience what it's like to share in the Company's Daily Profits! Each day that profits are generated you can earn a payday. Can you imagine the opportunity to get paid seven days a week...starting today?...Yes starting today!!!

That's exactly the kind of potential you now have with! As a matter of fact ZeekRewards is the only website on the Internet featuring the exclusive 24 hour Daily Rewards Profit Sharing System. Start today, Earn today and Share your way to the top!

The Zeek Rewards Program is where you can have your Stress Relieved by Saving Money and Making Money.

If you are sick to death of sales, recruiting and sponsorship requirements,
If you're ready to pull your hair out over the repeated starts and stalls,

of every other online home based business...

Look NO further because this program is for YOU!

The Zeek Rewards Program is where you can make every day a payday with the ZeekRewards 24 Hour Compound Rewards System.

Here's How It Works:

Each night after the close of the business day (east coast USA time) the company tallies it's sales and shares a portion of them with ALL qualified members*, including you! Did you get that? You can earn as soon as today!!!

With ZeekRewards...You Can Make Every Day...PAYDAY.

Win New Brand Named Merchandise at up to 95% off retail at!

Who Are We?

We are a decade deep company with rock-solid leadership and a ground-breaking, trend-setting, new business model. Our primary business is an exciting, fun, online, "entertainment shopping" experience called Zeekler auctions offer NEW, brand named merchandise at 90%, 95% or even up to 99% off retail price. Items range from iPods to laptops, jewelry,  house wares, gift cards, and much much more. Brand NEW, and all for pennies on the dollar!!
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From our incredible Penny Auctions to our Wholesale Stores and everything in between
Zeekler will save your wallet and blow your mind!

Is there REAL PROFITABILITY in the Online Auction Industry?  eBay earned a net profit of 1.35 BILLION dollars in the third quarter of 2010 alone.

Online auctions have huge earning potential, but until now most of us have been consumers, not partners.

The site with the most website traffic wins and that's one reason why ZeekRewards pays you, because you help Zeekler get website traffic.Why Do We Want to Share Our Profits with You?

Here's the number one rule in the online auction industry:
The Online Auction Site with the Most Traffic WINS!!

Creating traffic is the key to online success. It is also one of a companies greatest expenses. Instead of paying Google Adwords to get us out there in front of the masses, we pay our members who choose to work hand-in-hand with the company as a single giant advertising force.


We call it Collective Advertising, and it's a BRAND NEW business model.Just Post Free Ads and Share in the Success and Profits of ZeekRewards and Zeekler.

Here's the System: The company writes Ads and suggests where you can place them, for FREE! The more free ads posted daily the more traffic Zeekler generates. Which generates more profits for you.

Unique? Yes! And so far it's proven to be extremely effective! Think about it...more than likely it's why you're here reading this website now!

Combining our auctions, collective advertising and daily rewards puts you well on your way to earning the lifestyle of your dreams!

To Get Started: Simply join as a Free, Silver, Gold, or Diamond member.*

Once you've joined, log in to your back office and place a Free Ad. We provide you a list of advertising sites or use any advertising venue you like, online or offline. Simply place one Free Ad per day, and you're done. 

Could it get any simpler...Join, place a free ad and share profits daily. That's pretty much all there is to getting started. Click join and tell us who to make your checks payable to and welcome to the ZeekRewards team.

Learn More About our Multiple Streams of Income Click Here for Multiple Streams of Income!

For more information you're invited to join us on our nightly conference calls Monday -Thursday 9:00 PM EST 512-439-6511 access code 227292#

To hear a recorded conference call now simply click here for the Zeek Rewards Conference Call.

 Join ZeekRewards Now...for A Whole New Way to Earn!

* A "qualified member" is a member who is currently enrolled in one of our monthly subscription plans and has placed a qualifying advertisement and submitted it through his or her back office for the current 24 hour period. Free members can watch their Bonus Points grow daily but must upgrade to Silver, Gold or Diamond before they can receive Cash Awards.  

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The ZeekRewards Pay Plan and Commissions Overview!

The Zeek Rewards Program is where you have two sources of income.

Note: There are TWO sources of commissions that you may earn from ZeekRewards. One is from the purchase or sale of penny auction bids. The second is from the sale of monthly subscriptions. This page deals primarily with Penny Auction bid commissions.
Subscription commissions are explained on the Get Paid 2 page.

Get Paid to Play with ZeekRewards

You are about to read about the most amazing way to earn money ever developed for home-based business entrepreneurs!

Be sure to read this page VERY carefully, because it's probably not like anything else you've ever seen, so it may take a moment for its simplicity and power to be fully absorbed. It is based on several completely NEW Building Blocks.

Building Block #1

Instead of only rewarding the affiliates who make SALES, we recognize that there is an equally important component that most other companies and pay plans completely overlook. ZeekRewards believes that it is equally important to reward the affiliates who make PURCHASES! The Zeek Rewards Program is based on several completely new building blocks.

Building Block #2

Since the company's profitability is closely tied to the number of bidders in our penny auctions, and to how many bids those bidders are buying, it makes good business sense to generously reward our affiliates who buy and sell bids by sharing the company's profits with them.

Building Block #3

The more auctions we are able to offer our bidders the more bids they will buy. The more bids we sell the more auctions we can have. Success breeds success. Therefore it is important that we offer serious incentives to our bid-buyers/affiliates so that they will turn a portion of their earnings and profit-sharing into buying more bids.

Building Block #4

In a sweeping NEW approach to home business, ZeekRewards finally gives YOU control of your financial destiny. For those who are not comfortable sharing the ZeekRewards opportunity with others, simply buy some bids, win some exciting auctions and let the compensation plan do the heavy lifting. For those who love sharing with others the rewards are even greater and faster!

Here's how...

At the end of each business day, Zeekler tallies total sales and pays a percentage of them to all qualified ZeekRewards members*, thereby eliminating Win New Brand Named Merchandise at up to 95% off retail at!the necessity of recruiting!

Okay, so what is Zeekler? Zeekler is a new kind of auction site called a "penny auction". It's a fun way to win all sorts of great new products at 90% or more off retail. When you place a bid the price of the item goes up one penny at a time, hence the name penny auction. The bid timer adds up to 20 seconds to the clock allowing others the chance to bid, similar to the old going once...going twice...sold!! If no one else bids after you, you've just won a great item at a great price. Zeekler is entertainment shopping at it's best!

How do we showcase this amazing new concept? This is where you come in, so please pay attention because what you're about to see will change
everything you thought you knew about making money online!

There are three components to the ZeekRewards system: Credits, Bid Purchases and Cash Rewards.

First, lets talk about credits. You earn credits by placing Free Ads for Zeekler and ZeekRewards in a variety of advertising venues across the Internet. When you click the “Place Free Ads” link in your back office you’ll be taken to a special “Ad placement page" which will re-direct you to places where you can place your free ad.

You are even permitted to place your ad on websites that you may know about that are not even listed in the back office! The more exposure the better.

Once you have placed your ad. simply log into your back office and "assign" the credit to your account for that day.

Next, lets look at the really EXCITING components, though, Bid Purchases and Cash Rewards and how they work together.

The Zeek Rewards Program calculates and compounds your earnings daily.At the end of every day the company totals up sales for that day and pays back a percentage to all qualified ZeekRewards members (basically, qualified means members who are current on their monthly membership dues, have at least a 10 bid pack in their purchase account history and who have placed at least one free ad for the day. Bid packages are $1 for each bid and can be purchased in any whole dollar amount after beginning with at least a $10 purchase. (PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for the 125% reward points you MUST buy the bids in the ZeekRewards back office. Bids purchased on the Zeekler Penny Auction site are "retail customer" bids and do not qualify!)

So, let’s say at the end of the day, based on sales totals, Zeekler is able to pay back 2% to all of its active members. Our simple example here (of getting 2% cash-back daily) will never be the reality because the daily percentage will fluctuate…it’s not a set amount. However, we expect it to mostly be a minimum of about 1% on weekdays and about 0.5% on weekends. ZeekRewards anticipates paybacks between 0.5% and up to 7%, so we’ll just use 2% in our example because it’s easy to calculate.

Continuing with our example…let’s say you have a 500 bid package in your account and ZeekRewards pays you 2% back at the end of the day. 2% of 500 is $10.

Ten dollars is deposited in your ZeekRewards Cash Rewards account overnight. You wake up in the morning, login and see that you just earned $10.00! This is really neat because you can get deposits to your account every single day that the company realizes a profit!

And it also motivates members to keep participating because they can see their money growing constantly!

So, what do you do next?…

Buy more bid packages with your ZeekRewards Cash Rewards! Your goal is to drive up the number of bids purchases you have made– and here’s why:

First the more bids you have purchased the more you get to bid on incredible items. Plus every day when ZeekRewards pays a percentage of sales back as Cash Rewards, it will pay on your ever-increasing bid purchase history. You will earn on each bid pack purchase you make until you have been paid 125% of a given bid package’s original value. So on a $500 bid pack purchase; you can receive $625, as long as you remain a qualified member*.

Before long, you will be able to pull money out of your account -- daily if you like -- and the amount you can pull out grows every single dayThe Zeek Rewards Program is where you can make every day a payday with the ZeekRewards 24 Hour Compound Rewards System..

In a minute, I’ll give you an example of how you can make $100 per day...that's $3,000 per month in passive income.

You can purchase bids at any time with new money; however, what you’re going to do this time is use the money you already have in your ZeekRewards Cash Rewards account to purchase by selecting the option “Buy More Bids.”

Since, in our example, you only have $10 in your account so far, you can only purchase 10 bids. But keep in mind, as your bids grow, so will your daily points and before long you could be buying four to five hundred bids every day!

Ok, back to our example…so you purchase 10 bids with your Cash Rewards. Now you have purchased a total of 510 bids.

Next, you place your free ad to qualify your account to share in TODAY'S rewards pool. So now, the next day you log in to your account again and you see that the company paid 2% again back to the active members. But this time, the 2% cash-back is paid on 510 bids (which, of course, was your ending balance from yesterday after purchasing the additional 10 bids). So that means, ZeekRewards paid you $10.20 (2% of 510).

Again, you go purchase 10 more bids which leaves you $0.20 in your account for tomorrow.

Now remember, you have NOT had any additional out-of-pocket expense since your original 500 bids were purchased…you are simply buying more bids with your profit sharing Cash Rewards. At even a 1% per day rate, your bid purchase will more than double every 90 days! There is NO place I know of where you can do that!

Please Note: Spending the bids you have purchased in the Zeekler Penny Auctions does NOT reduce the amount in your Daily Profit Share! We WANT you to bid in the auctions and win the great items that are offered. Your Daily Profit Sharing balance is calculated from the amount of bids that you have purchased, not from how many you have left.

And here’s something that’s really crazy…

ZeekRewards gives away bid packages all the time!

Just simply attend the weekly Monday-Thursday night conference calls, where each week, you could win 100, 500, or even 1000 bids if you're selected during the Call!

You can also earn VERY lucrative bonuses by sharing ZeekRewards with others. When someone buys bid packages, because of your promoting efforts, ZeekRewards will pay you a up to a 10% cash bonus right to your Cash Rewards account (which of course gives you the ability to buy more bid packages without any out of pocket expense). You earn an additional up to 5% on your 2nd level. (See the Get Paid 2 page for details)

PLUS, every time that person buys more bid packages (and if they’re increasing their daily cash-back by buying more bid packages – just like you are) then you make a commission on that daily sale…which feeds more money into your cash account which means more bid packages and more profit sharing.

The Zeek Rewards Program is where everyone's bids and daily cash back have a compounding effect.So imagine this…you have 10 people you’ve referred to ZeekRewards and they got started too because they saw the incredible multiplying effect this system has on their purchase. Now as they are qualifying for daily cash back and then buying more bids, you’re getting daily commissions on those purchases!

This, of course, gives you the ability to exponentially expand your bid package balance in a very, VERY short time! -- So where is this all leading to?

Let me give you a scenario here where you could be receiving $2,000 to $3,000 per month PASSIVELY.

I’m going to use a 2% daily cash-back figure again in this example. When you reach 25,000 bids in your account, then you could start doing an 80/20 cash-out plan. Pay close attention…When you hit 25,000 bids in your account, and the daily cash-back percentage is 2%, ZeekRewards will be depositing $500 into your cash balance.

First of all, did you catch that?’re making $500 per day…it’s your money!

Ok, the 80/20 plan works like this, take 80% of that $500 (or $400) and put that back into your future growth by doing what you’ve been doing every day, which is mostly just bidding. Then, pull out 20% of the $500 (or $100) and use it however you want.

That’s $700 per week, or about $3,000 per month in passive income!

And keep in mind…these amounts are going to continue to grow day after day and month after month. Where else can you do that?

Ok, so here’s a quick schedule of your 10 minute work day.

1.) Login to ZeekRewards. Place your free ad for your credit for the day. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
2.) Assign your ad credit to your website.
3.) Purchase bids with your available daily cash balance.

That’s it! Now go play golf, or head to the gym, or whatever you like to do.

But there's even MORE!! Click here to read about our amazing 2 X 21 Matrix Residual Pay Plan!

Join ZeekRewards Now...for A Whole New Way to Earn! - Free Chances To Win

*A "qualified member" is a member who is currently enrolled in one of our monthly subscription plans and has placed a qualifying advertisement and registered it in his back office for the current 24 hour period.



Important Legal Stuff!

No specific level of income is guaranteed. Any reference to specific levels of earning on this web site are for the purpose of explaining the compensation plan only and are not projections. Your actual income will depend upon the success of your marketing efforts and of those you introduce to the program and on the overall profitability of the company. Income is derived solely from the sale of products and/or hosting services to end users. There is no compensation for recruiting. Affiliates may qualify to participate in the compensation plan without making a product purchase by making a sale to a customer. Customers may buy our products without participating in the compensation plan.

To qualify for Cash Rewards compensation you must be on a monthly subscription (Silver, Gold, or Diamond level) and you must have made at least a minimum bid package purchase. You must also place a qualifying advertisement daily to qualify to receive Cash Rewards for that day. Commissions that would have been earned on purchases made by your referred members are forfeited if they make their purchases prior to your becoming commission qualified.

Cash Rewards are paid by the company based on your Multiplying Bid purchase history. From time to time the company may add bonus amounts to your purchase history during special incentive offers. You may also be given "grandfathered" bonus amounts as a reward based on your prior months or years of loyalty to the company or balance amounts may be transferred by the company from previous compensation plans. Bonus amounts increase your daily share in Cash Rewards, but Cash Rewards earned based on bonus amounts must be automatically multiplied. They cannot be withdrawn as cash commissions. Once you have been paid and multiplied 125% on the bonus amounts then you may begin withdrawing cash commissions on the future daily Cash Rewards if you choose.

Although Rex Venture Group, LLC observes a strict risk management policy, the company does not offer any guarantee of income to any Affiliate. Income is earned through the dedicated efforts of Distributors making sales and good old fashioned hard work. Rex Venture Group LLC guarantees to deliver any and all products or services sold to each purchaser in a timely manner. Cash Reward projections are based on expected revenues. Distributors are strongly advised to only make purchases that they can afford without creating a financial hardship for themselves or their families.

IMPORTANT: The following paragraph MUST BE READ ALOUD whenever the ZeekRewards compensation plan is presented verbally or by telephone, or included in it's entirety when communicating in writing:

"If you make a purchase from ZeekRewards you are purchasing a SUBSCRIPTION to our penny auction site or you are purchasing BIDS OR ADVERTISING. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of "investment" or equity. You MUST actually use the bids or advertising units that you purchase. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read the entire How It Works and Get Paid pages on the ZeekRewards website and the Legal Disclaimers."


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