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FAQ 1. If I already have hosting, can I join the team anyway?
No sorry. Creating websites and teaching people how to truly earn income online, all for free, is more than time consuming. We do this for everyone on our team totally free, to help everyone build a great organization and earn money online.

FAQ 2. What if I already own a dot com domain name and I already own my own website?
It is fine if you already own a dot com domain name and own your own website, you can still join the team. You just need to follow step 2 and join our team as a Kiosk platinum member.

FAQ 3. How do you create a website for me?
We have developed two website layouts for our team members to choose from. You simply choose the one you want. We'll create your files and folders for you, upload the website code, and place on your website whatever you want to be placed on it.

FAQ 4. Can you really help me get a website in the search engines?
YES we can!

FAQ 5. I would like to talk with you on the phone before I make a decision to join your team. Can you call me?
YES, we can call you if you live in the USA or Canada or USA Territories. If you live outside those countries, we can talk to you over Skype or a messenger service. In addition, you can feel free to contact me or us by email. We also have a forum for our team members for easy communication.

FAQ 6. Why Kiosk?
Kiosk has been online for almost 8 years. It has great fast support, complete information for cpanel and website management, autoresponder system, tools and resources, how to videos, ad system, conference room, and lots more. In addition, you'll have a position in the forced matrix and have the potential to earn good income from the matrix. Why go else where for hosting when you can go with the best and earn income at the same time!

FAQ 7. Is just joining Kiosk the only way I earn income?
No! Joining Kiosk is not the main income stream. The key is owning your own website, having your website high in the search engines, and having various free affiliate program links on your website that will pay you as people purchase products.

FAQ 8. Don't I have to get traffic to my website in order for people to buy through the affiliate links on my website?
Yes, we'll teach you how to get traffic to your website. Also, we know how to keyword your website to bring automatic traffic to it. In addition, we'll show you how to get your website in the search engines and how to get higher search engine placement.

FAQ 9. I would like to have an adult sex website. Will you create one for me?
NO! We do not create adult sex websites.

FAQ 10. Will you give me the run down on this one more time as to what I get?
Sure. In a nutshell you get to be an equal partner of a team that really cares and works to make money online the right way, the honest way, the long term way. You'll be a member of a great team in Kiosk. You'll receive great hosting, support, tools, resources, and everything you need to manage your website. You'll also have a website created and built for you absolutely free by us. We will tag your keywords, and make your website search engine friendly that it will go in the search engines within just a few days of being created. We'll place your program names, images and links on your website for you. We even place a banner rotator in your website for you. In essence, we really do take you by the hand, and help you all the way. You'll be able to dedicate your time more efficiently and more effectively. You'll begin receiving loads of visitors to your website. You'll learn just how easy and just how inexpensive it really is to earn income online. You'll wish you could have done this years ago!!!

* We apologize as this opportunity and offer has been discountinued, but you can still get the best web hosting and cheapest domain names available below...

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