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Disadvantage Youth Support

Disadvantage Youth Support

Youth development can be a difficult subject to discuss and understand. Many organizations have taken an approach that claims teens need to be taught to live properly in society through harsh discipline. These same organizations often see many of the youth they try to help end up incarcerated, as this is where these teens who act out end up when confronted with the sole option of harsh punishment. At ShoLove International, we don't think this is the only option teens should be presented with. Young adults who are acting out negatively in their communities and in their families need to understand that there is another way to live, a way that doesn't lead to pain and damaged relationships or incarceration. Many young adults often face these trials at various points during their journeys toward adulthood. It's up to those of us who have been there before to point the way for these struggling teens. To help youth develop properly, they need a solid foundation and a safe environment in which they can explore and discover who they are. This is one area where many communities are lacking. Kids who grow up in these places don't have a safe foundation upon which to build their lives. Their communities and sometimes even their families are unstable or filled with stress or frustration or dangerous influences. The young adults themselves cannot often be fully blamed for the poor choices that they make. They are subject to flawed systems that give them few options or ways out. And when the only sources of stability seem to offer nothing but condemnation and the option of punishment and harsh treatment, teens find themselves unable to turn anywhere for help. At Sholove International, we exist to be a source of help for these struggling disadvantaged young adults with support. We exist to provide them with everything they need to be successful in life as well adjusted members of society someday. Obviously this is a process of development that takes time. We know that you can't expect a hurting teen to stop acting out and change his or her ways overnight. It takes love and care and a commitment to standing by those members of our community who need our help the most. This is what we're all about. The disadvantage youth support programs that we start and run are designed with this goal in mind. They're designed to provide young adults with someplace safe to turn. If you want to be a part of helping us make a difference in the lives of teenagers everywhere, contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a Sholove International chapter in your area. Youth development matters. It is one of the most pressing concerns in our society today. Help us change the course of the future for the better.

Disadvantage Youth Support
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